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WHAT IS BBL TECHNOLOGY ? BBL is “Broad Band Light”.


This is a strong light throwing technology that has been patented. BBL creates different waves of light moving in between 560 – 1200 Nm. The global gene structures that have been in natural aging process, give very highly satisfying reactions to the BBL treatment.

Clinical researches in Stanfort University proved that, BBL technology renews the genes of the aged human skin and makes it similar to the younger skin structures. The regular use of BBL skin renewal treatments naturally reduces the long term aging symptoms and also prevent them reoccur. The skin looks more fresh, vivid and healthy.


Rejuvenation is a term used for skin repair and anti-aging. But the definition may be misunderstood by many people, that’s why it should be defined carefully. The term rejuvenation in this treatment is, used as giving the aged cells and tissues a younger character to repair and change their structure. There is a mollecular repairment in the skin damages.


It is clinically proven that the skin improves itself according to the obvious aging parameters after the BBL treatment. When tissue samples are taken from the elder patients before and after BBL, as well as samples taken from younger patients to be cross checked; histological experiments say that the treated areas of the pateients have reduced in wrinkles caused by elastcity loss. It also shows us that the treated areas had improved dramatically in epidermal thickness.


Not just clinical but also genetically mollecular researches have been made before and after the treatment. When the gene structures are verified, the treated samples of the elder patients look more alike to the younger patients samples, as well as compared to the untreated samples of themselves. 1293 gene structures (expression) have been rejuvenated. The skin renewal process has been succeeded.


The regulation in encoder and non-encoder genes have been proven. It is stated that there is an increase in cellular immune response, there is a positive regulation in immune system as well as T cell activation. Skin renewal is succeeded in mollecular level. BBL treatment changes the gene structure of the cells and make the elder cells similar to the younger ones in structure.



BBL used in;

·Sun damaged skin

·Loss of elasticity

·Fine lines

·Large pores

·Flushing (redness)


Scientific proofs say that regular BBL treatments rejuvenates the skin, makes it younger, repairs, delays and prevents the aging in its most natural look. BBL made more than 1000 genes become new. It reduces the elasticity loss, improvement in skin texture, new collagen generation and firming.

Each length of wave works for different types of elements through the skin. Its most common uses are for fine lines, colour irregularities and dark spots, capillary redness, lifting and rejuvenation purposes. As it has effects in repairing the genes caused by the sun damage and other environmental causes, cosequently it prevents the skin cancer.



How is BBL used?

BBL is a flash lamp technology applied by a thermoelectrical cooling cap. It is completely different from other rejuvenating systems, such as the Ablative Lasers, that gives temporal harm  and needs recovery period for the the surface and epidermis of the skin.


The procedure is gentle, non-invasive and safe. It is painless, therefore no need for a  anesthetic topping cream. There is no other inconvenience than 15-20 minutes of a slight redness. Patient doesn’t need a break from the daily routine or social life. She can put make-up right after the procedure. There’s no oedema, peeling or flaking. That’s why it is a technology that can be safely applied even in summer days.



How long does it take?

It is a very quick and safe treatment system. Face and neck would take 15-20 minutes.



Which areas can BBL be applied?

·Face - neck

·Lower neck part

·Shoulders - back


·Arms (front arms)


·Inner legs



How many sessions does it take?

3 to 5 sessions would be made once a three or four weeks time. The results would differ according to the number of sessions.



Are the results permanent?

The ideal sessions take the patient’s skin condition 10 years back. The mollecular structure of the skin as well goes 10 years younger. As long as it is protected and the precautional sessions are done, the skin would not fail.



Are there any side effects? Can it cause a burn or a scar on the skin?

This is a treatment method that can safely be applied to any skin types. No side effects, no risks.



What should the patient pay attention after the treatment?

Sunscreen would be advised in order to preserve the skin quality.



The page content is for information purposes only, please contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.