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Chemical Peeling

Chemical Peeling


Chemical Peeling is applied for dark spots, wrinkles and other skin surface marks. It also helps reducing the blemishes.

It is a subsidiary treatment for the skin spots, rozasea and the blemishes.

Chemical Peeling can differ according to the skin layer it targets; surface – medium - deep.

Surface peelings are applied once a week, medium peelings once in 3-6 months.

Surface Peelings are applied for:

·Dried skin

·The wrinkles

·The blemish spots

·The oil-hydration level of the skin

·The sun damages (fine lines, dark spots, de-hydration, flaking etc.)

·The surface acne spots

·The pigmentation disorders, freckles and age spots

· The skin cracks

· Oil buttons

· Anti-acne and oily skin problems

There is a slight stinging feel during the Chemical Peeling. After the treatment, there may be a temporary redness followed by a peeling to occur.

There is a fresh and healthy glow on the skin after the Chemical Peeling.


Chemichal Peeling cannot be applied if the patient;

·Recently had a plastic surgery (last 2-6 months)

·Had recently used systemic isotrenioin (in the last 6 months)

·Has active herpes simplex infection

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