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Cool Shape

Cool Shape
There is a system that permanently reduces the fats in %20 - %40 rates on your tummy, belly, and sides as well as the abdominals after the ceasarean section or childbirth, as well as your back, hips and the thighs. It is called Cool Shape - Cool Lipo.
COOL SHAPE is suitable for men and women at any age, especially the ones that have a rush and little time. This pain-free and one session system is a great advantage for the patients.

How does it work and how long does it last?

COOL SHAPE  system cools the fat layer under the skin with a perfectly well control, without giving any harm to the skin layer. This is how the fat cells get into a apoptozis process (programmed cell death).
That is how it reduces the fat cell functioning and makes permanent loss of the fat cells. These fat cells are removed from the body with the natural metbolism, which leaves us with the result of a great amount of (%35-%50) reduce in the fat cells. The treatment is apsolutely painfree, the patient can read a book or magazines, watch TV during the application that takes 1 hour per one local part of the body.

Which parts of the body can we benefit Cool Shape?

• Tummy
• Waiste
• Upper and lower abdominal
• Braw line
• Legs
• Hips
• Hip-leg line
• Arms
• Inner knees

COOL SHAPE; How many sessions will it take?

Only 1 session of treatment is satisfactory. But in some special cases, second session may be needed.

When will the effects be noticed?

From the 3rd week, the obvious results will be noticed, in the 1st month it will be more clear. The fat reduce and the improvement will continue for 4 months.

Does it have any side effects?

The local part that has been  treated would slightly turn red and would feel a temporary laziness. There are no other known side effects.

Are the results permanent?

COOL SHAPE, differs from all other medical treatments, as it reduces the number of fat cells, jusr like liposuction. That is why this is a permanent solution. Even so, healthy diets and excercising are important for preserving the results.
The page content is for information purposes only, please contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.