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Cryo Cabin

Cryo Cabin

This system can be applied not only for a local part but for the entire body.
It is a treatment system for loosing weight, slimming, anti-cellulite as well as strengthening the immune system and pain treatments.
After regular clinical trials, the researches proved us that this cool lipo system works in -178 degrees centigrate for 3 minutes and burns an average of 700 calories (minimum 700 - maximum1000 calories)

The Usage:

• The Cryo Sauna, with absolutely no harm for the patient and/or the environment, is closed and then cooled down from -20 degrees to -180 degrees in 30 seconds.
• Each session takes 2-3 minutes and the ideal effects are revealed after 20 sessions.
• The patient shoud take a 2-3 minutes rest after the application.
• The person to use CyroCabin will have to wear bikini underwears and special boots before entering the cabin.
• The patient stands in the cabin and the elevator system spreads nitrogen gas up to his/her neck level.
A grownup person in a 1 hour excercise burns the following amount of energy;
Walking = 250 kcal
Jogging = 400 kcal
Skiing = 400 kcal
Tennis= 336 kcal
Household duties = 240 kcal
Nothing else than CryoCabin that makes you burn this amount of energy in this short period of time.

Cryo Cabin can be applied as a cure for the patients with;

• Skin diseases
• Eczema
• Psoriasis disease
• Rheumatismal diseases
• Orthopedic diseases
• Muscle – skeleton system diseases
• Sports injuries
• Depression
• Sleep disorders
• Sexual problems
• Immune system weakness
• Anti-aging
• Anti-cellulite
• Slimming
• Fat breaking
• Weight loss
• Obesity

CyroCabin Cannot be Used For Patients with;

• Heart diseases
• Recently had a heart attack
• Pregnancy
• Tuberculosis
• Bleeding disorders
• Canser
The page content is for information purposes only, please contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.