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Lipo Star

Lipo Star Local Slimming and Cellulite Treatment

Lipostar PEMF ( Electro Magnetic Local Throw) is a new concept that triggers and activates the blood circulation, lymph drainage, the nerves and the muscles. PEMF expands the space in between fat cells, therefore the cellulites are released.
The second principle of the Lipostar is the system to activate the blood circulation. It triggers the hemoglobin in the red blood cells with the magnetic energy and this activates the circulation.
Advantages of Lipo Star; 
• Obvious results are seen right after the first session.
• It is a permanent solution as it directly targets the fat cells with its safe and effective usage.
• Painfree - during and after the procedure.
• Doesn’t leave scars.
• Can be applied for the patients with obesity.
• Successful results in body building.
• Very successful in anti-cellulite treatment.
• Slimming in 3 – 10 cm. at a session.
Parts of Body That Can Be Treated 
Any part of the body that is desired to be slimmer. Fatty areas, lower and upper abdominals, side abdominals, love handles, saggy areas, calves and under breast parts can be treated with Lipostar.
Cannot be applied to patients with;
• High blood pressure,
• Coroner hearts diseases
• Type 1 Diabetes,
• Cardiac pacemaker,
• Blood regulation disfunctions
• Kidney disfunctions
• Pregnancy,
• Breastfeeding,
• Dermatitis on the target treatment area of the body
• Metal implant in the target treatment area of the body
• Allergic disorders
• Women during their period
• High cholesterol
• Have experienced pathological changes due to acut or cronical diseases.
The page content is for information purposes only, please contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.