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LPG endermologia technique is a method used for treating local fat areas and cellulite. Endermologia is a technique applied with positive pressure massage and negative pressure vacuuming method.

Cellu M6 Keymodule, has three different cap alternatives according to the patient and the treated area, all of them with self-regulated motorised rollers for conreolling the density, speed and direction.

The computer system of the device provides a wide range of selections according to the patient, the schedule and the treatment program.

Phases (degrees) of cellulite


Phase 0: The skin is smooth and even at all times. There is no cellulite appeareance in any position, even if the skin is pinched.


Phase 1: Orange peel appeareacne comes out when pinched or if seated on a hard solid surface.


Phase 2: Orange peel appeareance is visible when standing and vanishes when layed.


Phase 3: Orange peel appeareance is visible at all times, both when standing and laying.


How does the LPG endormologia technique practised?


LPG treatment is applied in different programs and protocols, according to the patient. It may differ from 10 to 20 sessions. Patients are putting on special stockings, personalised for themselves during the session. LPG endermologia technique is a painless treatment as well as having a stress releif and relaxing effect on the patients. Each session takes 35 minutes.


Applied for;


·Cellulite treatment
·Toning and firming the body and local slimming
·Toning and elasticity increase for of the sagged skin
·Speeds up the recovery period and regulates the disorders in post liposuction period.
·Smoothes the appeareance of the scars and regulates the disorders in any kind of post esthetic surgery periods
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