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Lymph Drainage


This is a device that helps the excess fluids surrounded in the tissues to be eliminated as well as to ease the blood and lymph circulation.
It is a subsidiary treatment method to increase the efectiveness of the anti-cellulite, local slimming and body firming programs that aim to get rid of the excess water in the cells. The main cause of cellulite is circulatory disorders. The disorder in blood and lymph circulations cause cellulite.
The pressure massage called “Pressotherapy” helps preventing the circulatory disorders and evacuates the excessive fluid that surround the tissues. That helps preventing oedema (excess water held in the body) as well as cellulite in a healthy way.
Pressotherapy maintains a comforting slimming by helping the patient get rid of the excessive water held in the tissues. This treatment method is also said to be a good help in maintaining a strong immunity system to fight against the infectional diseases.


This system can be applied along with all other treatments as a helper. The patient is covered with a special clothing. This clothing covers the from the waist, tummy and legs including the sole of the feet. Program is selected according to the condition of the patient and it takes 15 to 30 minutes per session. It does not cause any pain; moreover, the pressure massage therapy helps the patient relax from the tiring daily routine. There is no upper limit for how many sessions are to be planned. Along the Lymph Drainage Therapy, the patient is advised to drink more than 2 lt. of water in a day.


• Excess toxins
• Anti-cellulite and slimming problems
• Swelling in arms, legs or tummy
• Pre and post surgery problems.
• Oedema and inflation problems
• Post Cesarean section problems (min. 2 months after)
• Post Childirth problems (min. 45 days after)
• Blood circulatory problems
• For relaxing and getting rid of physical pains
• An ideal way for the smokers and alcohol users to get rid of the toxins
Lymph Drainage cannot be applied if the patient with;
• Hemorrhoids
• Chemotherapy (no problem for the patients that have recovered)
• Pregnant or hormonal disorders
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Osteoporosis (highly dangerous)
• Allergic skin types
• Recently had a surgery (no problem if their physician had permitted)
'' The ones to have thick capillary vessels and/or close to the skin surface ''
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