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OxyJet Power

Oxyjet is a device used mainly for; anti-aging, anti-pigmentation, anti-acne and pimple treatments as well as intensive hydration.


It works by cooling the skin down to 8-10 degrees, in order to pass oxygen molecules with the density of %98, through into the deep bottom layers of the skin. It has several effects, such as


·Increasing the hydration of the skin

·Reducing the fine lines and wrinkles

·Plumps up the wrinkles on the skin surface

·Removing skin pigmentation

·Removing acne and pimple

·Increasing the collagen quality of the skin

·Increasing the cell generation

·Increases and regulates the blood and lymph

·The cool oxygen helps lifting of the skin

·Prevents the redness and rash in sensitive skin types

·Leaves a radiant and healthy skin glow