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Special Skin Cares

Our skin is the most important indicator of our health. There are many effects such as the sun damage (UV), exhaust and cigarette smoke, polluted weather, make-up, medications, stress and many other conditions to damage our skin structure and quality.


As the years go by, there becomes de-hydration, wrinkles and other deformations on the skin. The skin has to be regularely cleansed, hydrated and nourished according to the needs.


In our center, we analyze the skin of our patients and plan skin care programs according to their skin structure and needs.

·Basic Skin Care

Deep cleansing of the skin. This skin care helps us plan the further treatments to be made.


·Four Seasons Skin Care

Especially during the seasonal rotations, it is essential to nurture the skin with the vitamins and hydration needed, in order to support the skin, preserve as well as repair it.


·Purifying Skin Care

This is a skin care designed for problematic and oily skin types. Deep cleansing, and purifiying skin care makes the dull skin get back to its healthy glow.


·Sensitive Skin Care

Calming skin care treatment, for the allergic, sensitive and capillary problematic skin types.


·Ultra-Hydration Skin Care  

This type of care gives intensive moisture deep into the skin to prevent the de-hydration.


·Anti-aging Skin Care

This treatment supports the skin with collagen, vitamins and minerals for anti-aging.


·Anti-wrinkle / Lifting Skin Care

Makes younger and lifted looking skin, with the help of ultra-sound and galvanic currents as well as additional serums and masks.


·Repairing / Supporting Eye Care

Intensive hydration and vitamin support specially designed for the sensitive eye area to prevent the wrinkles and fine lines.


The page content is for information purposes only, please contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.