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ZERONA® targets to reduce the fat particles consisted in the fat cells, in order to slim the body size.
This infrared treatment that vacates the fat cells out from the body vigorously; without any heating, cooling or any surgery and does not cause any side effects. During this treatment with absolutely no recovery period, the fats are evacuated from the body throughout the natural process of the metabolism.
The cool infrared technology activates by emptying the content of the fat cells. It is clinically proven that the treatment does not effect any other structures, tissues or cells within cellular environment.
ZERONA®  reduces the fats as well as slimming and toning the targeted part of the body.
ZERONA® reduces the fats and slims the targeted body part in the most safe and secure way, as well as firming and toning the body in local parts and gets rid of the cellulites.
Men Can Also Benefit ZERONA® …

Duration of the Treatment

The duration for ZERONA® is 20 minutes per each local part of the body. The treatment is planned as minimum 6 sessions, repeated every other day. The time between sessions should not be more than 3 days.
Patients are advised to drink a lot of water and do intermediate exercises after the ZERONA® session. It is clinically proven that these activities increase the fat reduce.

The Parts of Body For Application

• Leg Thickness
• Hips, Thighs
• Backs
• Waiste, Tummy
• Calves
• Inner Legs
• Inside / Above The Knees
• Arms

ZERONA® Cannot Be Applied If;

The patient is pregnant, has epilepsy or cardiac pacemaker.
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